Words & Pictures Podcast

Words & Pictures Podcast is for writers to talk about their writing and the images, pictures, book covers, illustrations and artwork that they use to support their words. And also it is for artists who work in the book industry.

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Words & Pictures Podcast

This is a podcast for all writers and artists who are involved in the book business. Each week, author and artist DJ Bowman-Smith will have a brief chat about her own working week and then introduce a guest to talk about writing and the art authors use to promote their words. It's about inspiration and business. Aesthetics and exploring the creative mind. 


2 days ago

Emma talks about her new Christmas romance A Christmas Truce. She tells me about her YouTube channel and how it led to writing a how-to book about X for authors. Find this and more on her Amazon page below. She talks me through taking part in National Novel Writing Month and being a hybrid author.
Find Emma here: www.emma-bennet.co.uk
Find DJ: www.djbowmansmith.com & www.tigermolly.com
Amazon page: Amazon.co.uk: Emma Bennet: books, biography, latest update

Monday Nov 20, 2023

Indy tells me about his two MC's, one a detective and the other a criminal and how they are both a mixture of good and bad. The world they inhabit, Central City, is a character in itself. He explains why he uses an imagined as opposed to a real place for his stories.
We talk about his excellent book covers and branding. His writing process and his plans for the future.
In the intro DJ talks about making new flat lays and seasonal adverts.
Find Indy here: www.indyperro.com
His book designer: Nicolae Negura https://nicolaenegura.com
Find DJ: www.djbowmansmith.com & www.tigermolly.com
Also mentioned: Bookbrush www.bookbrush.com

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Sheryl Bass tells me about creating her rhyming picture books. Her writing process and the social learning she wishes to convey within the stories. We talked about the importance of rhyme for reading acquisition. She shares how she chose the artist for the illustrations. We discuss the ongoing problems of book marketing.
In the intro DJ chats about making new covers for her kidlit.
Find Sheryl Bass: Linkedin  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheryl-bass-m-a-m-s-w-221b0413/ 
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087176800294 
Website: www.be-kindpublishing.com
Her illustrator Remesh Ram can be found here: Prayan Animation www.prayananimation.com
Find DJ: www.djbowmansmith.com & www.tigermolly.com
Also mentioned: www.pubby.co  (for book reviews)
Her mentor, April Cox: www.selfpubmadesimple.com

Monday Nov 06, 2023

Tara tells me about her new series of spicey and cosy romance. The first book, Just Like Magic, is out on November 17th. We chat about romance genre language and she clarifies what a cinnamon roll hero is and why she chose this type of love interest for her latest book. 
We talk about the differences between erotica and romance with spice. Her writing schedule, book covers, social media and author newsletters.
In the intro DJ chats about drawing chapter illustrations for her upcoming book.
Find Tara here: www.tara-wyatt.com 
Her cover designer: www.crocodesigns.com
Find DJ here: www.djbowmansmith.com & here: www.tigermolly.com
Also mentioned : www.rosaleeauthor.com

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Helen tells me about the worlds she has created and some of the creatures in her fantasy books. We discuss the joy of inventing low-tech/no-tech worlds as escapism for ourselves and our readers.
We talk about book marketing, self-publishing and the impact social media has on modern authors and readers. Audiobooks, book covers, how to fit a writing life around a full-time job, and the value of the indie author community.
Find Helen Garraway here: Helen Garraway – USA Today Bestselling Fantasy author
Her Amazon page: Amazon.co.uk: Helen Garraway: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle
Her linktree: https://Linktr.ee/HelenGarraway             
And find her in person signing books at Stroud Indie Book fair on October 21st, at Lansdown Hall, (2023) 
Find DJ: www.djbowmansmith.com
Also mentioned: Book Dragon: https://the-bookdragon.com 
Alliance of independent authors: www.allianceindependentauthors.org

Monday Oct 23, 2023

Dare talks about her latest book, Abilene, which is set in a small Texas town. We discuss the difficulties of creating books with more than one protagonist. Dare tells me about her methods for making each character real.
Dare works full-time and must fit her writing around a busy working life and her family. She talks about making the most of every moment and writing anywhere she can.
She discusses writing middle-grade fiction and the joys of being published by a local press.
In the Intro DJ chats about her WIP and getting a bit of writing in on holiday.
Find Dare here: Home - Dare DeLano
Find DJ Here: www.djbowmansmith.com

Monday Oct 16, 2023

Jennifer has written a memoir of her experiences living aboard a sailboat. Honeymoon at Sea – How I found myself living on a small boat tells the story of early marriage and adventure. We discuss sea sickness – naturally, and the difficulties of creating a readable memoir. Jennifer is a professional book editor, and her husband also writes. How do they manage a creative life in a small space? A lot of give and take and a good set of noise-cancelling headphones. We also chat about British accents, book editing, audiobooks and marketing.
In the Intro, DJ is excited to share completing her first draft and what happens next.
Find Jennifer:
Amazon.co.uk: Jennifer Silva Redmond: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle
Honeymoon at Sea | Jennifer Silva Redmond | Substack
Find DJ: www.djbowmansmith.com

Monday Oct 09, 2023

Richard talks about finishing the Book of Imaginari, his trilogy- how it feels and explains the basic premise of the storyline. He discusses how important imagination is for everyone and discusses his writing process. Richard is gearing up to write a science fiction book next – just as soon as he’s had a break.
We chat about the importance of supportive people in our writing life.
Also in this episode, audiobooks, marketing, school visits and scarecrows.
In the intro, DJ chats about social media for authors and book marketing.
Find Richard Hayden:
Richard Hayden’s Amazon page: Amazon.co.uk: Richard Hayden: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle   
Find DJ here: www.djbowmansmith.com
Also mentioned: www.bookbrush.com

Monday Oct 02, 2023

Joel has returned to the podcast to discuss his new release, Fairy Court in Exile, which is out now. We also chat about our writing process, particularly the nuances of creating believable dialogue and our ideal reader.
Joel talks about his audiobooks and why he was inspired to bring out his work in this format, and how it informs the way he writes.
In the intro, DJ chats about book categories and her new book's progress and the troubles of using new equipment.
Find Joel Flanagan-Grannemann: Servants of the Moon and Sun – An Epic Fantasy Adventure Series Retelling of the Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale
His Amazon page:  Amazon.com: Joel C. Flanagan-Grannemann: books, biography, latest update
Find DJ here: www.djbowmansmith.com
Also mentioned:
(1) How to Choose Amazon Book Categories in 2023 - YouTube
That microphone is a Samson Q9U

Monday Sep 25, 2023

Jane Johnson describes the storyline of her latest book, The Black Crescent, which is set in Morrocco. She has used her research of Moroccan history and firsthand knowledge of the place to tell this story. This has been one of the quickest books she has written because her husband was keen to hear each new instalment. We talk about the detail in the beautiful book cover and her plans to write more for her MC.
Working as a full-time editor means she only has the weekends in which to write. All projects are begun in longhand, and she prefers writing outdoors if possible.
We also discuss mountaineering, the creative process and tomatoes.
In the intro, DJ talks about what she’s been up to at her desk this week – Marketing.
Find Jane Johnson here:  Home - Jane Johnson (janejohnsonbooks.com) 
Her Amazon page: Amazon.co.uk: Jane Johnson: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle
DJ here: www.djbowmansmith.com  & www.tigermolly.com
Also mentioned: www.selfpublishingformula.com
Kindlepreneur - Book Marketing for Self-Publishing Authors
Ricardo Fayet’s Amazon page: Amazon.co.uk: Ricardo Fayet: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

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